Canvas Print VS Photo Print

First of all, both are useful in our daily basis life. It depends on taste to taste. Some of the people like canvas and some loves photo prints. Actually Canvas Print is the new digital technology and Photo print is older then canvas but you cannot deny the importance of both.

We are discussing both Canvas and Photo print in below:

Photo Print:

Printing the photo on cotton-based mat paper and framed into the wall is a unique style of displaying the photographs. It is a tremendous way to put your photographs on paper and people like it very much.

Advantages of Photo Printing:

  1. a) You can Excel fiber in black and white papers.
  2. b) It reveals more details in comparison to the canvas.
  3. c) Photo Print provides you a beautiful decorate frame photo for your home and office.
  4. d) It provides you a finest and traditional look to your wall.

Disadvantages of Photo Print:

  • a) You must need a frame who resembles your wall and photograph.
  • b) It is mostly in small size because larger size is too expensive.
  • c) Flare and reflected from light.

Canvas Print:

Canvas Print is the modern way of Printing the photo. The important element of Canvas Print is that it clears the texture, namely details and work and also the richness of shadow.

Advantages of Canvas Print:

  1. a) It has less weight in comparison to a framed photo.
  2. b) Canvas Print is frameless and Present the window into the scene.
  3. c) It looks like a painting which creates the finest pleasure.
  4. d) It has multiple-panel options.

Disadvantages of Canvas Print:

  1. a) You cannot change the photo it’s permanent.
  2. b) Sometimes the canvas distracting the texture.

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